Starts: 18th Nov 2021     Ends: 21st Nov 2021
Where: Emerson College, Sussex

An international Acesta conference with Joan Sleigh, Aonghus Gordon, Hartwig Ehlers, Wendy Cook, Bart van Mechelen, Michael Evans, Jon Geelmuyden, Simon and Paulamaria Blaxland-de Lange.

Courage Love and Meaning, Tools for Resilience in the Here and Now

This is the third conference in this latest series of ACESTA Conferences.  After the first conference on Three Doors to the Future:  Education, Social Life and Work in the 21st Century, Michael and Ahriman, we moved from trying to come to an understanding of these three doors through the lens of our Therapeutic Work to the second conference about the questions we were facing: how in the 21st century to Safeguard, how to deal with Succession, how to organise Governance?  This then metamorphosed into the theme for the  conference planned for 2020, which had to be cancelled, but is now scheduled for November 2021:                                                                     

Courage Love and Meaning:  Tools for Resilience in the here and now                                                        

The here and now where we need to find the necessary tools to deal with the challenges in education, the conundrums in our social lives, the rapid changes in law and government mandates, new bureaucratic forms and new global paradigms in politics and digital communications, the sorrows in the realm of work, social isolation and the environment with its huge changes through recent events, over-industrialization and Artificial Intelligence.

The three human soul forces of will, feeling and thinking are both platform, stage and battle ground where these tools need to be honed and re- configured to give the strength, confidence and balance needed.  Those that were here before will remember that we looked at the lessons of the Michael School that deal with what we meet as we cross the threshold and how we can prepare for this, not only to meet this after death but how to meet it now, for all humanity faces this crossing in our present time.

Life has become so stressful, antisocial and compromised.  And England in particular seems to find itself in the Abyss rather than at the threshold, with huge issues surrounding both its relationship with mainland Europe since Brexit and with the rest of the world with its share in the global fear pandemic.

How we stand on the Earth, how we journey and navigate our lives, how we manage the crossing of the abyss is a lively topic in the media and in many books written recently.   Could the work we do help us to research and develop these tools? Can they help us find the opportunities for healing, healing of the urgent needs of all beings and peoples connected with our Earth, can they help us develop renewed ways of sensing and understanding, altogether new ways of being, of standing and walking and working with each other and with the Earth and with the Divine?

If Rudolf Steiner was right when he said that his perceptions and advice were apt for ages to come, we could do worse than use the tools he gave us; to tackle the challenges both within and without.  But the way we use these tools surely must come from us ourselves, in the here and now. 

Maybe these tools for Resilience of Courage, Love and Meaning could be a worthwhile way for us to travel this road together.

We have asked friends with many different life- experiences to share with us, what they have met on their own journeys in terms of these three tools, how they have had their courage challenged, their hearts opened, their will engaged; how they found the gift of Life’s meaning through their work and if – from this experience – they can help us discover and find our own tools, our own way, a renewed enthusiasm and motivation.

All participants are invited to share what these have meant to them.

Despite difference in discipline, what we have in common is the will to heal, the will to recognize the other, to observe truthfully and to work together in order to re-formulate meaning.

This conference is not only for Acesta members, it is for anyone who is interested in our theme or in any of the disciplines represented.  The work of Care, Education and Social Therapy and the learning bestowed - and sometimes reluctantly - received, is but a lens through which we may have gained some insight into the wider aspects of our times, of the Earth and of our place on it.  Also those whom we care for, whom we educate, whom we live with are more than welcome, for they have been and are our teachers, our brothers and our sisters.

Paulamaria Blaxland-de Lange

Chairman ACESTA and conference-organiser

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