If I talk about the „umgekehrte Kultus“, there are 3 aspects of impulses for the future which -I feel -can be looked at and which give a glimpse of what is possible: what may come.

The first thing is the change of paradigm in Farming:
Conventional farming was and is using up resources in its immanent method. Now it brings these resources as fertiliser onto the fields instead of going there where they were and are available.

The agricultural course is different: Rudolf. Steiner introduces us to creating a composition, „ an individuality“ of a farm through the impulse and understanding of the life processes initiated by the farmer.

Next to that he gave valuable tools by introducing the preparations. (Which I cannot explain fully, but use them).

„Bildung“ is very similar .

There are the the given ideas and „resources“ of humanism which are precious, but don’t necessarily promote development of the individual. You realise this very well or most obviously if you look at people with special needs, but of course any other person of this period in time too.

We need to ask for the need of the individual biography. Look at Goethes biography. ( Mind you - I don’t talk about education of children here).

Here Rudolf Steiner gave the soul calendar as a kind of “preparation”.

The last aspect in the talk is short and deals with cooperation between the individual and the spiritual beings as introduced in the class-lessons, which Rudolf Steiner gave us, as a kind of “preparation”

Hartwig Ehlers