• List of Useful Books (based on anthroposophy)

  • Special issue BURNOUT (PDF) 

List of Useful Books (based on anthroposophy)

For the work in Therapeutic Education and Social Therapy

Child Development, Therapeutic Education

Aeppli, W. Care and Development of the Human Senses in Education- Floris Books

Anschütz, M. Children and their Temperaments. Edinburgh: Floris Books

Auer, E.: Helping children on their way: Educational support. Floris Books

Blythe, S.G. 2004. Well-balanced Child. Stroud: Hawthorn Press

Brown, R. : A Practical Guide to Curative Education : Floris Books

Hansmann, H. 1992. Education for Special Needs.Edinburgh: Floris Books

Holtzapfel:W.1995 Children with a difference. Lanthorn Press

Holtzapfel:W.1984 Children’s Destinies, Mercury Press

Jackson, R. 2006: Holistic Special Education, Edinburgh: Floris Books

König, K. 1998 First three years of the child. Edinburgh: Floris Books

König,K. 2008. The Child with Special Needs. Edinburgh: Floris Books

König, K. 1999. A Living Physiology. Camphill Books

König, K. 1989: Being Human, Diagnosis in Curative Education. Anthroposophic Press

Lievegoed, B. 1997. Phases of Childhood. Edinburgh: Floris Books

Luxford, M (ed). 1996. Higher Senses and 7 Life Processes. Camphill Books

Luxford. M: 1994 Children with special needs Floris Books

Luxford. M. 1995: Adolescence & its significance for those with special needs. Camphill


Luxford, M (ed). 2000: Loving the Stranger, Studies in Adolescence, Empathy and the

Human Heart. Camphill Books

Neuschatz, K. children’s creative play- Floris Books

Pietzner.C (ed):1966 Aspects of Curative Education- Aberdeen University Press

Post Uiterweer, 2020. Behavioural Disorders in Children and Adults. Forest Row: Temple


Salter,J. The incarnating Child. Stroud: Hawthorn Press

Steiner, R. 1998 Education for Special Needs, (Curative Education Course). London: Rudolf

Steiner Press

Steiner, R. The Four Temperaments. London: Rudolf Steiner Press

Ulenhoff. W 2007: Children of the Curative Course Floris Books

Weihs,T (Ed Blitz.1987. Children in Need of special care London: Souvenir Press

Woodward, Hoogenboom, 2000 Autism, a Holistic Approach Floris Books

Most general Steiner Education books are

also suitable for Therapeutic education


Floris Books 2000

General Development, Self-Development (for Teachers, Carers, and


Burckhardt, U. 1997. Taking Charge. Edinburgh: Hawthorn Press

Childs, G. 1995. Understand your Temperament, London: Rudolf Steiner Press

Childs, G. 1999. Balancing your Temperament. London: Rudolf Steiner Press

Duin,van, V. 2003 The Art of Living. Holywood: Kate Roth Publications

Duin, van, V. Homemaking and Personal Development

König, K. 1999. A Living Physiology. Camphill Books

König,K. 1998 The Human Soul .Edinburgh:Floris Books

König,K. The Camphill Movement Camphill Books

König, K. The First Memorandum (not officially published)

Soesman, A. 2000. Our Twelve Senses. Stroud: Hawthorn Press

Steiner, R. 2006 Metamorphosis of the Soul, 1,2. London, Rudolf Steiner Press

Steiner, R. Riddle of Humanity. Rudolf Steiner Press(also Riddle of Man. USA Mercury


Steiner, R. 1996. Foundations of Human Experience. New York. Anthroposophic Press.

(Also published as ‘Study of Man by Rudolf Steiner Press)

Social Therapy

Bang, J. 2009 A Portrait of Camphill Edinburgh, Floris Books ( formerly published as:

Pietzner, C (ed). 1986. A Candle on the Hill. Edinburgh, Floris Books)

Baron, S, Haldane, JD. 1992.Community, Normality & Difference Aberdeen University Press

Bentheim, van,T. 2006. Home Nursing for Carers. Edinburgh: Floris Books

Camphill Working Papers on Adolescence, vol 1&2

Jackson, R.(ed), 2011 Discovering Camphill, Floris Books

König, K. 2009. Seeds for Social Renewal. Edinburgh: Karl König Archive 5: Floris Books

Formerly published as: In Need of Special Understanding. 1986, Camphill Books)

König, K. 2012. Brothers and Sisters. Edinburgh: Karl König Archive 11: Floris Books

König, K. 2011.Becoming Human, A Social Task. Edinburgh: Karl König Archive 8: Floris


Korte, A. : Healing Environment. Published in English on ACESTA website archive.

Korte, A.: Making Life Flow. Published in English on ACESTA website archive.

Luxford, M & J. 2003. A Sense for Community. Directions for Change

McConkey, R; Dunne, J; Blitz, N. 2009. Shared Lives. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers

McKanan, D. 1991 Touching the World. Minnesota, Liturgical Press

McKanan, D.2018: Eco-Alchemy. University of California Press

McKanan, D.2020 Camphill and the Future. University of California Press

Murphy, S.C. 2007 Practical Homecare Medicine. Edinburgh: Floris Books

Rosenberg, M.B. 2003. Non-Violent Communication. Encinitas: Puddledancer Press (not


Selg,P (ed) 2008. Karl König, My Task. Karl König Archive 1: Floris Books

Selg,P (ed) 2008. Karl König’s Path into Anthroposophy. Karl König Archive 2: Floris Books

Steel. R. (ed.): 2010 Communities for Tomorrow Karl König Archive 9: Floris Books

Steel. R. (ed.): 2018 Spirit of Camphill, Karl König Archive 18: Floris Books

Theses of Youth Guidance Seminar

For all other Floris Books published books by Karl Koenig, see:

Special issue BURNOUT (PDF) 

Burnout, depression, tired & exhausted, bipolar

• Chronic fatigue!

• Causes of burnout, depression and constant ups and downs

• The syndrome of permanent overwork among creatives, executives, bosses!

• Everything for the cat'? Failed goals

• Trapped in the hamster wheel?

• Life - a constant ups and downs?

• Unknown factors that ruin life! 

• Can life energy, joie de vivre and creativity be regained?

• Tired and drained? The robbers of motivation and creativity! 

• The Emotional Scale: Understanding and Predicting Human Behavior

More and more people are affected by four specific phenomena of modern times:

(1) The so-called "burnout": Those feel empty, completely burned out, and in some cases are even unable to take any action, as if their energy store had been completely used up.

(2) Chronic fatigue: Those affected are already tired and exhausted after getting up in the morning and drag themselves through the day without energy or drive.

(3) Depression: Everything seems pointless to those affected, they no longer have any joy in life, life has lost all shine, they let themselves drift, no longer have any hope that everything could get better at some point. 

(4) The so-called bipolar disorder: The people concerned - mostly creative people or executives - are completely euphoric for days, hardly sleep (or not at all), could upset the world, only to turn into deep depression, lethargy and senselessness the next day to expire. 

The present compilation of dispatch articles goes to the bottom of these phenomena and shows possible ways out of the crisis using numerous articles and application examples from life. 

Extent: 116 pages

Format: A4

ePaper (PDF) in color.

You will receive a download link by email. 

Please click on this link to order a copy: