When: 21st Nov 2021
Where: Emerson College, East Sussex

Threefold Social Order Workshop with Jon Geelmuyden

We will be working with Jon Geelmuyden on his work with the Threefold Social Order. Thoughts on the Threefold Social Order The social spirit - Pneumatism The social soul - Psychomatism The social body - Organism
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Starts: 18th Nov 2021     Ends: 21st Nov 2021
Where: Emerson College, Sussex

Acesta International Conference

Courage, Love and Meaning, Tools for Resilience in the Here and Now
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Starts: 14th Sep 2021     Ends: 19th Sep 2021
Where: The Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland

Medicine of the future - Medicine for a living earth: Human and Planetary Health

Invitation to engage in regional events nationally and internationally with the Annual medical conference at the Goetheanum
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Starts: 11th Aug 2021     Ends: 15th Aug 2021
Where: The conference will be held on the Zoom platform. Many talks and sessions will be recorded for the convenience of participants in other time zones.

Conference: The Twelve Senses, Sensing Justice in the Encounter

We humans share the lower (body) senses and the middle (soul) senses with the animals and, in a primitive way, even with the plants. The higher (spirit) senses are unique to human beings. They are what allow people to perceive the utterly invisible: the space between our own I and that of the Other. The body and soul senses are by now well recognized and described in mainstream medical/therapeutic literature. The senses of the spirit are not, even though everybody has experiences through these sense modalities. To find descriptions of these perceptions, we must turn to philosophy, theology, and the arts. There we find investigations into the essentials of the human experience.
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Date: TBC
Where: Online (Zoom)

International Study Days for Therapists and Physicians

For art therapists, students of art therapies, physicians, students of medicine, psychotherapists, teachers. For new dates, please check the website
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